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In the ever-changing world of municipal work, whether it be on the road or in the playground, you need to be versatile, efficient and smart. With a Valtra tractor and implement combination from our Unlimited Studio, you get the perfect 365-day Multi-Purpose Vehicle.

Why choose Valtra?

Why purchase five machines, when one Valtra can handle the whole wide range of municipal tasks? The agility and versatility of a tractor is perfectly suited for it all. Combine a Valtra tractor with specialised implements for road maintenance, snow removal, mowing, and other municipal tasks, and you have yourself a year-round Multi-Purpose Vehicle.

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Added safety

Safety is an absolutely key feature in municipal work. Extra safety features, such as signal colours, warning lights, and alcolocks can be added on your tractor in the Valtra Unlimited Studio.

Extra comfort

Sitting in a tractor day in and day out can be tough but working is easy with added comfort features such as special seats, stereo systems, and customised interior design.

Extended visibility

Extra visibility features, such as front camera, optimised rear-view mirrors, heated wipers, and side windows all guarantee a superior view around your working area.

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