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Valtra Guide brings many benefits from cost and time savings to a lighter workload and better use of farmland. It all comes down to accurate, consistent driving every time, in every field, for all your work.

Valtra Guide makes it easy

Operate Valtra Guide using the 9” SmartTouch touchscreen. Valtra Guide uses GPS guidance to steer your tractor for you, accurately guiding the tractor along the length of a field without you needing to touch the steering wheel. It follows the waylines precisely, making every pass and turn more efficient. This reduces overlap and maximises the cultivated area even in the headlands and at the field edges. Whether you’re planting, tilling, spraying or harvesting, Valtra Guide will save you time fuel and money.

Work smart. Live more.

With accurate steering, your working time will be reduced, saving fuel costs, as well as giving you more free time. Because there is less overlap, you’ll spend less on seeds, fertiliser and pesticides, while also improving your yields. This will contribute to making your farm business more profitable with less effort and give you a higher return on your investment. Because you don’t have to focus on steering, you’ll be less tired, too. 

Valtra Guide is available with the best choice of receivers and correction signals on the market and it lets you select the level of accuracy you need, from sub-metre to centimetre level. Upgrade the accuracy of your system at any time by purchasing an unlock code from AGCO Parts.


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Wayline Assistant

Make the most out of your Valtra Guide

Valtra’s Wayline Assistant is now available for N, T and S Series! With this new feature, Valtra Guide will be even easier to use: it provides you the possibility to create several waylines with the touch of a button based on your field boundary.

The Valtra Wayline Assistant adds the wayline types Segmented Wayline and Single Contour to the existing wayline types.

How to use Wayline Assistant

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