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Valtra Unlimited customised tractor municipality 5th generation

VALTRA Unlimited: You find the work. We'll find the way.

Why purchase five tractors when one machine can handle it all? With Valtra Unlimited tailor-made solutions, your tractor will be a true multi-purpose vehicle. It’s built according to specifications given by you, with the design, comfort and features you need to perform in any environment.

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This is your multi-purpose vehicle

A tractor is the perfect machine for municipal work, airport maintenance, defence purposes and of course, farming – we only need to make it just perfect for you. Whether it’s the implements to make your work easier, a special colour scheme for special tasks, leather steering wheel and seats or you just want to let your creativity go wild, Valtra Unlimited ensures that your needs are met.

The accessories and equipment available from the Unlimited Studio include special paint, additional lights, stereo systems, alcohol ignition locks, central lubrication and much more.

The Unlimited story

The Valtra Unlimited concept was born out of our desire to give the best possible customer experience by offering a full solution for everyday working, a perfect tractor just for your needs.

The studio started its work in 2013, and ever since then interest in customised solutions has just kept growing and growing.


The particular regulations of municipal machinery call for particular features. A special colour scheme, safety colours and lights, warning signs and other safety enhancing features can all be fitted at the Valtra Unlimited Studio.


With individually selected features, extreme maneuverability and powerful towing and load capacity, Valtra Unlimited tractors and equipment can fill in for other vehicles.



Peace of mind. In your hands.

We believe in a seamless connection between our customers, dealers, machines and the Valtra factory. When connected, you can select the desired service and warranty packages to meet your expectations and requirements. We take care of you, so you can take care of your business.

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Parts supply and expertise

Our extensive partner network and qualified Valtra experts ensure that your Unlimited tractor is manufactured and equipped to the highest quality and safety standards.


Your tailored tractor is covered by our warranty. Valtra also supplies all the servicing and spare parts needed.

Service and support for the full package

When you go for Valtra Unlimited, we know your tractor from tyre to roof and can provide service and support accordingly.